Today I Was


Today I Was is a tale of a little boy with big dreams. The story encourages children to have dreams of careers and a positive future yet enjoy where they are now. It provides a simple, fun way, to show young children all the possibilities they have for their future.

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About the Author

Author: Heidi Ahlquist is a full time nurse and a mother of 4 children who lives in Cranston, RI.  Heidi loves reading to her children and listening to who they want to be when they grow up.  This is her first children’s book.

Illustrator: John Parisi is an entrepreneur and a graphic designer working in various mediums. He is a father and loves reading books to his daughter and expanding his art through designing book illustrations.

Book Details

Author: Heidi Ahlquist

Illustrator: John Parisi

Publisher: Tolman Main Press

Format: Hardback: 32 pages, dimensions: 8 x 10

Retail Price: $12.95


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